Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be a great movie.

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier releasing soon, I decided to mention some things that will make it a great movie (I hope).

The first thing is the strong chemistry between Captain America and Black Widow (Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson). I don’t know if it’s because of Chris and Scarlett or the characters but I feel like that’s how things should be. Even in the poster, when I see it, I feel like “Yeah! Steve Rogers and Natasha should work together!”. I’m not talking about romance, I’m talking about alliance. I feel like they’re meant to work together!

The second thing is, of course, the villian! Although Captain America: The First Avenger movie was very good, Red Skull’s makeup was kind of cartoony, I mean you’re making a movie, bringing the comic book to life, which means that the villian should be scary, well that makeup didn’t accomplish that. However, this year, The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) really IS a villian! Just from the trailers I started wondering “How the hell will Captain America defeat this?!”. And this time, the makeup and the costume are pretty good (and scary).

The third thing is Captain’s new costume. I think we all agree that Captain America’s costume in The Avengers wasn’t that good. I, personally, prefer the first costume (the one in Captain America: The First Avenger). But the new costume is great! It’s very cool and makes the Captain look serious!

The fourth and last thing is that it’s not set in the 1940s like the first movie. Of course it was necessary to tell Steve Roger’s story from the very beginning, but this 1940s theme was a bit boring. When the events are in the past you feel like “Can’t we just get to the point!!”. Unlike the first movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be set in the present, which will make it more interesting!

These were some things that, I think, will make Captain America: The Winter Soldier a great movie, maybe one of the greatest Marvel movies till now!

-Mohamed Sherif


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