Is a Grand Theft Auto movie a good idea?

Grand Theft Auto (a.k.a. GTA) has been one of the most successful video games out there in the past few years. With the increasing success of the game, some fans now want a GTA movie. But the question is: Is that a good idea?

I mean do we really need another mafia movie? Playing as a criminal is fun; stealing cars, killing cops, and doing whatever you want because you just don’t care! But that’s only cool in a video game, if you watch this, you’ll have a sense of Déjà Vu. There are hundreds of mafia movies and they’re all kind of the same and GTA won’t add anything new.

Fans who asked for a GTA movie would regret it because they thought watching it would be as fun as playing the game, but it isn’t. I’m not saying it will be terrible but it will be repetitive and won’t help the game franchise.

Fans, please, enjoy playing video games but don’t ask for a game movie for every game you play.

-Mohamed Sherif


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