Is 2014 the year of survival horror?

Survival horror has been missing for a while, even Resident Evil 6 was more of an action game (according to IGN’s review). Games which were supposed to be “survival horror” became just actions games where you just kill zombies. But this year, it looks like survival horror is coming back.

It started with Outlast, the terrifying game set in an abandoned asylum where your only weapons are a camera with a night vision option and your feet (for running only). With this “no weapons” thing, the term “survival” is back, and with the sudden movements of creepy creatures and people who appear to be dead but they’re not dead yet, the term “horror”” is back!

After Outlast, Daylight is coming this April. In this game, your only weapon is light (through flares, glow sticks and a cell phone which is also your map). Not only this, but the hospital, where you play, changes, so you can’t “remember” your way because it will be different every time you play!

Then, in August comes The Evil Within (represented in the picture), which is, in my opinion, the coolest because it resembles Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It’s set in a haunted mansion (according to the trailer) where strange things have taken place and you kind of go there to investigate.

Dying Light combines survival horror with action. In the morning, you search for supplies, kill regular slow zombies and set traps, that’s the action part, but at night, zombies become faster and are able to climb structures and they will chase you (if they notice you) till they kill you, and that’s the survival horror part. At night, you just run for your life!

I don’t play survival horror ganes because I don’t like being scared and I’m easily scared, but games like The Evil Within, Outlast, Dying Lightand Daylight are worth being terrified for!

-Mohamed Sherif


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