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Fantastic Beasts: Will It Work?

After the conclusion to the epic Harry Potter franchise, we thought maybe that was it for the Harry Potter universe, on the silver screen at least, but we were wrong. Later it was announced that a …

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This guy can make a great Joker!

I don’t know if a new Batman movie franchise is planned or not, but if there is, then The Joker will probably be in one of the movies. But the thing is, after Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker, it’s hard to find another actor who can play this character like Heath Ledger. 

But I was watching The Purge recently and…I found The Joker!!!!


Rhys Wakefield (Polite Leader in The Purge) was amazing and he reminded me of The Joker. Everything in his performance was so Joker-ish; the way he spoke, laughed and acted, . Actually, I only knew Rhys from The Purge but to be honest, I was impressed by his performance.

Some people might oppose this but I would like to remind them that choosing Heath Ledger for playing The Joker was also opposed, yet, we saw (in my opinion) the best Joker performance ever!


I’m pretty sure that those who watched The Purge will get me. As for those who didn’t watch it, well, you need to watch it.

If there’s another Batman movie coming with The Joker in it, then Rhys Wakefield is the best choice to play this complicated character. 

Who knows? Maybe we would get to see another outstanding Joker performance with Rhys Wakefield!


-Mohamed Sherif

“The Last Of Us Remastered” announced for PS4…Great!

It’s official! The Last Of Us will be released in a “remastered” form for PS4!

That was good news, specially for PS4 owners who didn’t get the chance to play The Last Of Us on PS3. It’s also good news for those who played The Last Of Us on PS3 and want to live this amazing adventure one more time on a next-gen console. The Last Of Us was a beautiful unique game that deserves to be on next-gen. 

Although this is very good news, some people are upset and I can’t find a reasonable explanation for that. I read some comments and articles about this and some people think that releasing The Last Of Us for PS4 is “a waste of time and money”. They also think that “the game was already great on PS3”. 


What? Can’t a game be released again on another console? I know that it already looked great on PS3 but it will definitely look greater on PS4, like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. If you enjoyed The Last Of Us on PS3, then why don’t you let other people enjoy it on PS4?

Anyway, releasing The Last Of Us (A.K.A. one of the greatest games ever!!) for PS4 is a huge step for Sony in this “next-gen battle”. 


However, we still want a sequel. Come on, Naughty Dog! You created a great game and you’re still thinking whether you should make a sequel or not?! I’m very happy with this amazingly good news! But I will be even more happy when I hear that Naughty Dog is considering making a sequel.  

Anyway, we should thank Naughty Dog and Sony for this because most of us wanted to hear this months ago.


-Mohamed Sherif 

Things we want to see in a Prince Of Persia reboot.

It’s about time for Ubisoft to consider making a reboot for the successful Prince Of Persia series. Prince Of Persia is one of Ubisoft‘s best games. The last game in the series was Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands which was released in 2010, so it’s too late for another sequel now. We need a reboot. But we also need new things in this reboot.

First of all, we need it to be an open world game. I’m not saying totally open world like Assassin’s Creed but more like Thief, when you’re not in a mission you can free roam but when you’re in a mission you follow a certain path. The settings of the Prince of Perisa games were beautiful and deserved to be explored freely.

Another thing we need is a new prince. We love the old prince but if it’s a reboot then it should have some major changes. It can be a change in the appearance only like Dante in DmC. He was still Dante but he had a (slightly) different look and wore different clothes (also slightly different).

I, personally, preferred the personality of the prince in Prince Of Persia: Ghost Of The Past, so i would love to see this personality used in the new prince.

The last thing we need is not something in the gameplay its something in the Prince Of Persia games that are yet to come. We want it to be an annual game just like Assassin’s Creed and the Prince Of Persia Trilogy.

Prince Of Persia is a game that should stay forever. We loved it so much, we still love it and we will love it forever!

Let me know if you agree with me or not in the comments. Also if there’s something you’d like to see in a Prince Of Persia reboot, just say it in a comment

-Mohamed Sherif