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This guy can make a great Joker!

I don’t know if a new Batman movie franchise is planned or not, but if there is, then The Joker will probably be in one of the movies. But the thing is, after Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker, it’s hard to find another actor who can play this character like Heath Ledger. 

But I was watching The Purge recently and…I found The Joker!!!!


Rhys Wakefield (Polite Leader in The Purge) was amazing and he reminded me of The Joker. Everything in his performance was so Joker-ish; the way he spoke, laughed and acted, . Actually, I only knew Rhys from The Purge but to be honest, I was impressed by his performance.

Some people might oppose this but I would like to remind them that choosing Heath Ledger for playing The Joker was also opposed, yet, we saw (in my opinion) the best Joker performance ever!


I’m pretty sure that those who watched The Purge will get me. As for those who didn’t watch it, well, you need to watch it.

If there’s another Batman movie coming with The Joker in it, then Rhys Wakefield is the best choice to play this complicated character. 

Who knows? Maybe we would get to see another outstanding Joker performance with Rhys Wakefield!


-Mohamed Sherif