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This guy can make a great Joker!

I don’t know if a new Batman movie franchise is planned or not, but if there is, then The Joker will probably be in one of the movies. But the thing is, after Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker, it’s hard to find another actor who can play this character like Heath Ledger. 

But I was watching The Purge recently and…I found The Joker!!!!


Rhys Wakefield (Polite Leader in The Purge) was amazing and he reminded me of The Joker. Everything in his performance was so Joker-ish; the way he spoke, laughed and acted, . Actually, I only knew Rhys from The Purge but to be honest, I was impressed by his performance.

Some people might oppose this but I would like to remind them that choosing Heath Ledger for playing The Joker was also opposed, yet, we saw (in my opinion) the best Joker performance ever!


I’m pretty sure that those who watched The Purge will get me. As for those who didn’t watch it, well, you need to watch it.

If there’s another Batman movie coming with The Joker in it, then Rhys Wakefield is the best choice to play this complicated character. 

Who knows? Maybe we would get to see another outstanding Joker performance with Rhys Wakefield!


-Mohamed Sherif


“The Last Of Us Remastered” announced for PS4…Great!

It’s official! The Last Of Us will be released in a “remastered” form for PS4!

That was good news, specially for PS4 owners who didn’t get the chance to play The Last Of Us on PS3. It’s also good news for those who played The Last Of Us on PS3 and want to live this amazing adventure one more time on a next-gen console. The Last Of Us was a beautiful unique game that deserves to be on next-gen. 

Although this is very good news, some people are upset and I can’t find a reasonable explanation for that. I read some comments and articles about this and some people think that releasing The Last Of Us for PS4 is “a waste of time and money”. They also think that “the game was already great on PS3”. 


What? Can’t a game be released again on another console? I know that it already looked great on PS3 but it will definitely look greater on PS4, like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. If you enjoyed The Last Of Us on PS3, then why don’t you let other people enjoy it on PS4?

Anyway, releasing The Last Of Us (A.K.A. one of the greatest games ever!!) for PS4 is a huge step for Sony in this “next-gen battle”. 


However, we still want a sequel. Come on, Naughty Dog! You created a great game and you’re still thinking whether you should make a sequel or not?! I’m very happy with this amazingly good news! But I will be even more happy when I hear that Naughty Dog is considering making a sequel.  

Anyway, we should thank Naughty Dog and Sony for this because most of us wanted to hear this months ago.


-Mohamed Sherif 

Is 2014 the year of survival horror?

Survival horror has been missing for a while, even Resident Evil 6 was more of an action game (according to IGN’s review). Games which were supposed to be “survival horror” became just actions games where you just kill zombies. But this year, it looks like survival horror is coming back.

It started with Outlast, the terrifying game set in an abandoned asylum where your only weapons are a camera with a night vision option and your feet (for running only). With this “no weapons” thing, the term “survival” is back, and with the sudden movements of creepy creatures and people who appear to be dead but they’re not dead yet, the term “horror”” is back!

After Outlast, Daylight is coming this April. In this game, your only weapon is light (through flares, glow sticks and a cell phone which is also your map). Not only this, but the hospital, where you play, changes, so you can’t “remember” your way because it will be different every time you play!

Then, in August comes The Evil Within (represented in the picture), which is, in my opinion, the coolest because it resembles Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It’s set in a haunted mansion (according to the trailer) where strange things have taken place and you kind of go there to investigate.

Dying Light combines survival horror with action. In the morning, you search for supplies, kill regular slow zombies and set traps, that’s the action part, but at night, zombies become faster and are able to climb structures and they will chase you (if they notice you) till they kill you, and that’s the survival horror part. At night, you just run for your life!

I don’t play survival horror ganes because I don’t like being scared and I’m easily scared, but games like The Evil Within, Outlast, Dying Lightand Daylight are worth being terrified for!

-Mohamed Sherif

Is the best game movie almost here?

Game movies are usually rated (by the game fans) according to two things:
1- How much different the plot is.
2- Casting.

That’s how it always was and always will be. For example, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time movie wasn’t admired by Prince Of Persia fans because of Jake Gyllenhaal (who was totally different from the Prince) and the different plot. Everyone was like “Why call it The Sands Of Time if you’re not going to use the game’s plot”. Not to mention that what Dastan (a.k.a. the Prince) was wearing in the movie was from Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within game. At the end, we got a good movie but a terrible game movie. If you watch it as if it was just a movie you’d like it, but if you watch it as a movie based on Prince Of Persia you’d hate it!

One of the greatest games out there (I didn’t play it but watching the gameplay was enough) is getting its movie soon, this game is The Last Of Us. The Last Of Us has a great plot, great characters and an amazing environment, so the movie should be great, but is the plot going to be the same? YES! Neil Druckmann said that the movie is a game adaptation, in other words, it will be a re-telling to the story of the game. So The Last Of Us passed the plot stage!

Now what remains is the casting, which shouldn’t be difficult because Joel and Ellie from The Last Of Us are very “clear” characters with crystal clear features and ages. If I had the chance to pick the actors, I would pick either Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler for the role of Joel, as for the role of Ellie, it has to be Ellen Page and nobody else. Although she’s a bit old for the role but her height and features say otherwise. She’s the one for that role!

The Last Of Us will make a great game movie. I expect it to be the highest grossing game movie of all time!

-Mohamed Sherif